St Martin Of Tours's Church, Guston Church

Image Source: John Vigar


Looking rather lonely in its dark and bleak churchyard, Guston church has the air of a maiden aunt about it. It doesn't exactly draw you in but once there a feeling of peace and benevolence takes over and begins to enwrap you. In the southwestern corner of the churchyard is a melancholy enclosure marking the graves of boys from the Duke of York's School dating from the early 20th century. Most died at the age of 12. This Norman church was very well restored by the Victorians and there is little left from earlier periods. The arrangement of three Norman windows in the east wall may be found elsewhere in the county (see for example Bonnington) and is always a pleasing effect. Here it contains some very good Victorian glass showing two images of St Martin. A south nave window contains a remarkable 20th century depiction of The Good Samaritan - the city in the background looks most attractive. Separating nave and chancel is a spindly nineteenth century screen with quatrefoil piercings. It's rather fine in its way and is obviously the product of a period when a screen was needed but finances weren't healthy. There are few monuments in the church but a fine ledger in the chancel survives to Thomas Harrisson (d1707). The nave pavement has a little painted cross on the floor in front of the screen - whether it marks the position for brides or coffins is not at all clear, but a charming feature it is. Times have obviously been better for little Guston but it is still much loved and well used. If only it was more visited!



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1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: 427

Morning Attendance: No service

Afternoon Attendance: 108

Evening Attendance: No service


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Original Build Date/Architect: Medieval


Second Restoration:









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