Christ Church, Bexleyheath Church

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An enormous town church which dominates the Broadway at Bexleyheath. Designed to be out of proportion by its architect William Knight of Nottingham it could easily be by that other master of space, Brooks. Rock-faced ragstone gives it a further air of masculinity. Inside the play on space is fantastic - especially so when the flat sided chancel arch is studied in detail. It takes the eye to the amazing apse with its arcade of five plate-tracery bays topped by five especially fine lancer windows filled with stained glass. In fact the glass is a major feature of this church. The north aisle displays designed by W G Taylor (signed) whilst the south aisle has 2oth century work by John Hall and Sons as well as a couple by Powell. Especially noteworthy is the image of St George which shows the London blitz in the background - St Paul's cathedral surrounded by flames. Recent reordering has greatly improved the church and taken it into the 21st century in as god a state as it entered the 20th.



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1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: Not built

Morning Attendance: Not built

Afternoon Attendance: Not built

Evening Attendance: Not built


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Original Build Date/Architect: Knight 1872


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