St Mary's Church, Betteshanger Church

Image Source: John Salmon


One of the most attractive Victorian churches in Kent, paid for by Sir Walter James in 1853 in imitation of nearby Barfreston. His architect was Anthony Salvin, who effectively rebuilt an existing church. A few objects survived the rebuild including a thirteenth century piscina, the Royal Arms of William III and an extraordinary memorial by Peter Scheemakers to Salmon Morris, representing a Naval scene. A large and imposing Byzantine type porch protects the tympanum over the south door and leads the visitor into a rich and impressive interior. Good quality Victorian fittings include four windows by Charles Kempe.



Church Data


1851 Census Details


Seating Capacity: 85

Morning Attendance: 25

Afternoon Attendance: No service

Evening Attendance: No service


Architecture Details


Original Build Date/Architect: Anthony Salvin 1853


Second Restoration:









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